About Explaining the Book

ExplainingTheBook.com was created in early February 2016 and mostly consists of Adult Sunday School lesson manuscripts created by Paul for use in his church.

Paul has taught adults in his church in Whitewater, WI where he also served as a deacon. He lives in Watertown, WI with his wife and two sons where he ministers in the Business Office of a Christian College, additionally teaching as an adjunct professor for that ministry.

Paul was saved from his sin by trusting Jesus Christ at the Wisconsin State Fair in August of 2002. He earned a BBA from UW-Whitewater in December 2003 and an MA in Bible from Bob Jones University in August 2011.

As of early 2022, Paul has begun attending a Reformed Baptist Church with his family and is thankful for the encouragement there to rest fully in Christ and his total satisfaction for the sins of his people.