Joshua 19, KJV, Bible, Have I Not Commanded You, Explain

Joshua 19, KJV, Bible, Have I Not Commanded You, Explain

Second is Simeon in verses 1 through 9 of chapter 19. Verses 10-16 tell us about Zebulun (3), verses 17 through 23 about Issachar (4), 24-31 about Asher (5), 32-39 is Naphtali (6), and finally verses 40-48 describe Dan’s inheritance. And Dan’s the last tribe to receive their land. In Dan’s case, they were given land on the Mediterranean Sea. But then they went ahead and fought against a place called Leshem on the north border of Israel and so Dan had basically two portions, though they were both fairly small.

We’re almost done now. Verses 49 and 50 tell us about Joshua receiving his inheritance in the hill country of Ephraim. He was from that tribe. And then verse 51 gives a summary of this dividing up of the land we’ve seen in these 7 chapters.

Let me, before we end just address this issue of the Canaanites remaining in the land. It’s puzzling. But in Joshua’s farewell address at the end of this book before he passes away, he feels the need to tell Israel to get rid of their gods. What?! This faithful generation had gods? Apparently. Yes, they were faithful, but they still were worshipping gods. I imagine this was done in secret or it would have been punished. But Joshua knew it was happening and warned Israel to stop. Joshua also says in his farewell address that if Israel intermarries with the Canaanites the Lord will stop driving them out. I think it’s safe to say that Israel clung to their idols, intermarried with the Canaanites, and the Lord just stopped delivering the Canaanites into their hands. So let me give a word of application. Brethren, may the Lord help us to leave our idols and cling to God alone. The really awful thing about Israel’s situation is that the more she clung to idols, the more Canaanites influenced her. They bring in their idolatry. Israel now has more idols and more bad influence and the cycle continues. Brethren, dabbling in sin is always so foolish. By giving in to just a little sin you really don’t know how much is going to ultimately come through the door, so to speak. May the Lord help us to love him and be blessed.

We’ll pick up next time, Lord-willing, in chapter 20.

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