Psalm 1 2 Commentary

Psalm 1 2 Commentary

Psalm 1 2 Commentary: So, what we saw in our Psalm 1 1 Meaning article was all very negative. We only so far know what the blessed man DOESN’T do. But positively, what is true of him?

Psalm 1 2 Commentary: Delight

Notice that Psalm 1:2 doesn’t say that the blessed man simply reads the Law of the Lord. He doesn’t JUST study it. He delights in it. Other people delight in the activities in Psalm 1:1 – godless advice, lifestyle, and associations. But the blessed man doesn’t. He finds true joy in God’s Law.

Psalm 1 2 Commentary: Law

The Law of the Lord is a reference to his word. Sometimes the term “law” can refer specifically to the books of Moses – the first five books in the Old Testament – the Pentateuch. And the psalmist here certainly has those books in mind as well. But it’s not limited to just those books. The blessed man rejoices and delights in God’s word.

Psalm 1 2 Commentary: Meditates

How else can you explain his actions in the second line of Psalm 1:2? He meditates on God’s word day and night.

When the psalmist talks about meditation, what does he mean? What does the blessed man do with God’s law? Well, he ponders it. He mulls it over. He talks with himself about it.

Psalm 1 2 Commentary: Day and Night

And how often does he do this? The text says “day and night”. This is a poetic device that communicates that this is constantly happening. Take two extremes – night and day – and it gives you this picture of constant activity. The blessed man at any moment is pondering God’s word – pondering its application to his actions and choices.

By the way, this is not your wearying duty – to constantly meditate on God’s word. This is your privilege and delight if you are a righteous person.

And also, doing these things doesn’t make you righteous – understand that. But what we’ve seen so far in the first two verses of this psalm are characteristic of a blessed man.

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  1. MDOlayavr says:

    Amen, I love to meditate the word of God. Shalom


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