Jeremiah 1 Summary

Jeremiah 1 Summary

This Jeremiah 1 summary contains a number of links to several fine articles that seek to explain the first chapter of this Old Testament prophetic book.

Jeremiah 1 Summary | Father

We begin by exploring who Jeremiah’s Father was.

Jeremiah 1 Summary | Birth

We then explore where Jeremiah was born.

Jeremiah 1 Summary | Kings

We consider which kings reigned during Jeremiah’s ministry. And then we stop to talk about why God only mentions three kings in Jeremiah 1.

Jeremiah 1 Summary | Prophet or Priest?

Next, we examine whether Jeremiah was a prophet or a priest.

Jeremiah 1 Summary | Ministry Start

Then we turn to consider when exactly Jeremiah started his ministry.

Jeremiah 1 Summary | Foreknowledge

Have you ever asked if God can know someone before they’re born? Well, that’s exactly what God claims of Jeremiah – he knew him before he was born.

Jeremiah 1 Summary | God’s Call

You can explore to whom God sent Jeremiah. That is – God sent him to be a prophet to the nations.

Jeremiah 1 Summary | His Doubt

And then we consider Jeremiah’s response to God’s call on his life.

Jeremiah 1 Summary | God’s Response

But God responds to Jeremiah’s doubt with assurance.

Jeremiah 1 Summary | Almond Tree

God gives Jeremiah a vision of an almond tree.

Jeremiah 1 Summary | Boiling Pot

Then God gives Jeremiah a vision of a boiling pot.

Jeremiah 1 Summary | Conclusion

Finally, God ends his commissioning of Jeremiah.

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