An Introduction to Jeremiah Chapter 2

An Introduction to Jeremiah Chapter 2

In Jeremiah 1 we were introduced to this book of 52 chapters. We were told who Jeremiah was and the timeframe in which he ministered.

Then we saw Jeremiah’s double-commissioning.

First he was commissioned to go to the non-Jewish nations. Jeremiah – being a teenager – had some doubts. But God encouraged him that this was his will for Jeremiah.

Then second, Jeremiah was commissioned to the nation of Judah with two object lessons – the almond branch and the boiling pot. Both of these objects taken together were meant to communicate that God was sending an invading enemy from the north and that this would surely happen.

And now in the 2nd chapter of the book of Jeremiah, we hear for the first time God’s grievances with his people Israel. And you may remember the way in which I summarized this section earlierGod Forsaken, Judah Unshaken. Israel had rejected and forsaken their God. And by-and-large that left them without a hint of remorse or sorrow.

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