An Introduction to Jeremiah 3:6 to 4:2

Jeremiah 36-42 Introduction

Jeremiah 3:6-4:2 is a sub-section of a broader section which spans from Jeremiah 3:6-6:30. As I mentioned elsewhere I think we can summarize this unit of text in the book of Jeremiah as Future Restoration, Current Punishment. That’s what we’re reading about in Jeremiah 3:6-6:30.

Jeremiah 3:6 – 6:30 Is One Major Unit

Jeremiah 6:30 is the end of this main section because in Jeremiah 7:1 we have a verse that changes the scene – “The word that came to Jeremiah from the LORD, saying, Stand in the gate of the LORD’S house, and proclaim there this word, and say, …

So, there’s a specific location – the gate of the Lord’s house. The subject matter also changes from Jeremiah 6:30 to Jeremiah 7:1.

And so, for those reasons I think that Jeremiah 3:6-6:30 constitute one unit of text.

Jeremiah 3:6 – 4:2 Is a Sub-Unit

Yet even in this one unit of text I think we have a convenient breaking point right after 4:2. And this sub-unit of Jeremiah 3:6-4:2 has five major parts:

  1. Jeremiah 3:6-10 have God declaring that Judah didn’t learn from the punishment of Northern Israel.
  2. Then Jeremiah 3:11-14a show God being moved to receive a repentant Israel in exile.
  3. Next, Jeremiah 3:14b-18 has God promising blessings for that repentance.
  4. Then Jeremiah 3:19-25 demonstrates a Model of repentance – what that repentance should look like.
  5. And last, Jeremiah 4:1-2 has God following-up on that repentance. In particular, God declares that a real repentance will bear fruit.

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