Jeremiah 11 14 Commentary

Jeremiah 11 14 Commentary

Jeremiah 11 14 Commentary: So, the Lord will punish his covenant-breaking people.

And their response will be to turn – not to the true God who’s bringing the punishments – but to the false gods who can’t help them.

And this leads the Lord to again tell Jeremiah to not pray for these people in Jeremiah 11:14.

14 ¶ Therefore pray not thou [Jeremiah] for this people, neither lift up a cry or prayer for them:

for I will not hear them in the time that they cry unto me [for/because of] their [trouble/disaster].

And we’ve dealt with this kind of command from the Lord in a previous lesson.

And there we saw that he wasn’t interested in Jeremiah praying that the Lord would turn from his punishing his people. I think he’s saying the same thing here.

When disaster comes, the Lord is not planning to relent. The time has come for him to judge and he won’t turn from that once they’ve gone that far.

Still, there were probably a number of opportunities for them to genuinely repent and experience God’s forgiveness.

But once judgment started to fall, the Lord would not go back on that decision.

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