Jeremiah 45 Baruch

Jeremiah 45 Baruch: Let’s examine the subject of this message in Jeremiah 45. His name is Baruch. And we’ve seen him before.

Jeremiah 45 Baruch
What We’ve Already Seen

He witnessed to Jeremiah’s signing of a deed. He wrote and then delivered a message from the prophet. He was accused of stirring Jeremiah up against the people who wanted to go to Egypt.

That’s what we’ve seen of him in the book of Jeremiah so far. But we do have a bit more information on him from both this book and outside of this book.

Jeremiah 45 Baruch
Grandfather a Governor

Chapter 32, verse 12 tells us that Baruch’s grandfather was a man named Mahseiah. Mahseiah was a governor of Jerusalem under king Josiah according to 2 Chronicles 34:8.

Jeremiah 45 Baruch
Brother a Quartermaster

Baruch’s brother was named Seraiah. According to chapter 51, verse 59, Seraiah was a “quiet prince” in the KJV – more likely an official who was in charge of resting places – or a more official sounding title for that position would be “quartermaster.” Someone in charge of sleeping quarters in the palace. So, the point is that he was an official in Zedekiah’s court.

Jeremiah 45 Baruch
Privileged Family

And here’s what we gather from Baruch’s family relations. He came from a family which was privileged with positions in government.

Jeremiah 45 Baruch
Educated Man

And even the fact that Baruch himself was a scribe indicates that he was well educated.

So, Baruch comes from privilege. Let’s keep that in mind as we continue.

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