Psalm 23 Commentary

Psalm 23 Commentary

Let’s turn to Psalm 23.

Psalm 23 Commentary: Genre

The 23rd psalm is not a lament psalm – David isn’t working through a problem in his life. Neither is this psalm strictly a praise psalm – he’s not calling people to praise the Lord specifically.

Instead Psalm 23 may be classified as a reflective or meditative psalm. It’s a psalm that’s meant to make us stop and think about something.

Psalm 23 Commentary: Theme

And in the case of Psalm 23 what David wants us to think of is this – God’s Pastoral Provisions. Now, “Pastoral” not as in the office of leadership in the church. But “pastoral” in the sense of literal physical shepherding. David wants us to think about and reflect upon and meditate on the fact that God provides for his people like a shepherd provides for his sheep.

And so, let’s begin our study of this arguably most-beloved psalm in the Scripture by noting who wrote this psalm.

Psalm 23 Commentary: Verse-by-Verse

We begin by considering who wrote Psalm 23 in our Psalm 23 Author article.

Then we go verse-by-verse through the entirety of Psalm 23:

Psalm 23 Commentary: Conclusion

The Lord truly is our Shepherd. We don’t lack a thing and never will – all because of God’s Pastoral Provisions.

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  1. Ronda Barnett says:

    I love and appreciate this verse by verse study on psalm 23!! Thank you!!


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