Psalm 24 4 Meaning

Psalm 24 4 Meaning

Psalm 24 4 Meaning: And so, in verse 4 David answers his own question and says that those who enjoy God’s presence must be holy like he is holy.

4 [He that hath clean hands/The one whose deeds are blameless],
and [a pure heart/whose motives are pure];

He that hathclean hands
anda pure heart

Clean hands and pure heart who does not lift up to emptiness his soul and he does not swear according to deceit.

Psalm 24 4 Meaning Hands and Heart

Hands and heart are the topic under discussion here.

Hands represent actions. You do things with your hands.

The heart represents the inner man and the thoughts and feelings associated with it. You feel and think things with your heart.

Clean and Pure in God’s Presence

So, who is allowed into God’s presence? What is this kind of person like? The things he does and the way he thinks are clean. Not defiled. Not filthy. They don’t leave him feeling dirty. The characteristic actions and thoughts of one who will enjoy God’s presence are clean and pure.

What else is such a person like?

who hath not lifted up his soul [unto vanity/to falsehood] [i.e., doesn’t lie (but, idols?)…],
nor sworn deceitfully [i.e., makes promised but doesn’t intend to keep them…].

whohath not lifted up his soulunto vanity

Psalm 24 4 Meaning Speaking Truth

So, the person who enjoys God’s presence is also one who speaks the truth. Not only are his actions and thoughts right, but his speech is as well.

He doesn’t speak empty words. When he promises something, he does it. He imitates his God in these ways.

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