Psalm 24 9 Meaning

Psalm 24 9 Meaning

Psalm 24 9 Meaning: Then we see repetition in verses 9 and 10 that mirrors verses 7 and 8.

Psalm 24 9 Meaning Repetition for Emphasis

This repetition, no doubt, is to emphasize what’s being said and heighten the excitement surrounding the entering of the Ark into Jerusalem.

9 [Lift up your heads/Look up], O ye gates;
[even/and] [lift them/rise] up, ye [everlasting/ancient/eternal] doors;

[and/that/then] the [King of glory/majestic king] [shall/may/will] [come in/enter].

Lift upyour headsO ye gates
even lift upye everlasting doorsand the King of glory shall come in

Lift, gates, your heads. And lift, ancient doorways. And he will come in, the king of the glory.

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