Psalm 25 4-5

Psalm 25 4-5

Psalm 25 4-5: But, after you’ve sinned, it’s inadvisable to dwell on the fate of your enemies to the point where you might become vengeful and spiteful. And that’s why David moves on to focus on the restoration of his relationship with the Lord in verse 4.

Daleth ד

4 [Shew me/Make me know/Make me understand] thy ways, O LORD;
teach me thy paths.

When we sin, we’re forsaking God’s ways and his paths to tread on those of our own making. What we need is to be shown how to live God’s way. We need him to renew our mind and help us understand what he wants and how to live.

He says something similar in verse 5.

He ה

5 [Lead/Guide] me [in/into] thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God [of my salvation/who delivers me];
on thee do I [wait/rely] all the day.

And let’s consider where we find God’s ways and paths and his truth. It’s in the Bible. After we’ve sinned, then, don’t avoid the Bible. Immerse yourself in it. It’s here where we find God’s self-revelation. And it’s a basic activity that David himself demonstrates to us as an example of what to do after you’ve sinned.

And then David recognizes once more – maybe through his time in the word – who God is. He’s the God of his salvation. The God who delivers his people. And praise him that we have such a God who delivers us – even after we’ve sinned.

And then our proper response is a confident waiting on and relying upon this saving God. David waited on this God and relied on him all the day.

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