Psalm 28 9 Commentary

Psalm 28 9 Commentary

So finally in our Psalm 28 9 Commentary, we see that David concludes Psalm 28 with a petition.

9 Save thy people,
and bless thine inheritance:

feed them also,
and lift them up for ever.

And, since God is the saving strength of his anointed, David asks that he would be that for God’s people – David’s believing brethren.

Just like David called on everyone to bless the Lord back in verse 6, here he ends the psalm calling on the Lord to bless these believers – his inheritance.

He pleads with the Lord to continue to feed them – to pasture them like a shepherd does his sheep. David asks the Lord to lift them up like a shepherd would his weary, weak, and feeble sheep.

And he wants God to do this for ever.

And he has, hasn’t he? God has blessed his people forever. He did in David’s day and he continues to bless and save his people even to this very day.

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  1. Marvina ILao says:

    This was very engaging on the heart and thinking David had in his time of desperation towards the Lord for help. His reasoning, humility and righteous indignation was helpful to see. Cause sometimes I am not always sure if righteous indignation is over stepping self righteousness but I see God understands our pain and anger in times when wickedness is in our face or tolerated. God cares that we hate sin as he does and decides to do what pleases him and not be mislead by evil and will hear us when we pray for justice and mercy. Thank you very much for the insight and confirmation


    1. Paul says:

      Thanks, Marvina!


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