Psalm 29 10 Commentary

Psalm 29 10 Commentary

We begin this Psalm 29 10 commentary by noting that at this point in the psalm, David backs out one step farther. And we have him speaking of the Lord reining as king over the waters – where I suppose the Canaanites thought Baal dwelt.

10 The LORD sitteth upon the flood;
yea, the LORD sitteth King for ever.

Psalm 29 10 Commentary
The Flood

Now, the word flood is used only here and in Genesis 6. Can you think of what happened in Genesis 6? …

It’s the flood of Noah’s day.

So, I think David is doing two things here.

First, he’s bringing us back to the sea from where he started tracking the storm back in verse 3.

Second, though, he is offering a subtle reminder and hint to Baal-worshipers and those tempted to worship that false god.

And the idea is – the Lord is the one who brought that ancient flood that wiped out the world at that time. You don’t want to put yourself on the bad side of the God who alone is powerful enough to bring that kind of storm.

Baal was supposedly strong enough to bring a storm. But he never brought a worldwide flood.

So, since the Lord sits as a king who is able to bring that kind of flooding devastating storm – drop your idols and bow down in reverence to the Lord alone.

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