Psalm 29 5 Message

Psalm 29 5 Message

Now, as part of the Psalm 29 5 message we see with verse 5 that David starts focusing on the devastating power that God’s voice can wield.

5 The voice of the LORD breaketh the cedars;
yea, the LORD breaketh the cedars of Lebanon.

Psalm 29 5 Message
Cedars of Lebanon

Lebanon was – and still is – on the northern border of Israel.

The trees of that land were known as high and lofty, unique and valuable. They were used in the construction of the temple – both by Solomon and in the restoration of that temple as recorded in the book of Ezra.

And yet, as powerful as these trees were, the Lord’s voice is more powerful. These mighty trees are shattered (they “breaketh”) by the Lord’s mere voice.

Psalm 29 5 Message
Tracking the Storm

Now, if we’re following the trajectory of this particular storm – remember, starting in the Mediterranean Sea and then making landfall in Israel – well, this storm has apparently reached that second stage of making landfall in the area of Lebanon.

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