Psalm 30 7 Meaning

Psalm 30 7 Meaning

Psalm 30 7 Meaning: And David had reason to be proud. He was prosperous as we’ve seen already. But this prosperity came from God – which he acknowledges in verse 7.

 7 LORD, by thy favour thou hast made my mountain to stand strong:

Psalm 30 7 Meaning

Mountain (har) is a poetic way of saying David’s rule which was centered on Mount Zion. God had established David king in Jerusalem.

Psalm 30 7 Meaning
Prosperity from God

The point is – the prosperity that David experienced was all from the Lord.

And isn’t it such a sad reflection on our sin to note that the very blessings that God so richly bestows on our lives … can lead us to proud arrogance – even the kind that brings us to forsake in some ways the God who gave us this prosperity!

Well, when God’s blessings lead us to pride, God is faithful to humble us – like he was with David…

thou didst hide thy face, and I was troubled.

That’s all it takes. We can build ourselves up in our pride to seem invincible.

Psalm 30 7 Meaning
Hidden Face

And yet all it takes to trouble us is for God to hide his face – to ignore or reject us in some way.

It all comes down to this – It all depends on the Lord. If he just happens to want to strengthen you, strengthened you will be. If he were to withdraw himself from your life, you will be troubled/dismayed/terrified. It’s all in his power to do.

And this is what David experienced and what he’s now relating as he is dedicating this house in Jerusalem to the Lord.

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