Skin for Skin in Job

Skin for Skin

“Skin for Skin” Job: I just recently added a live chat plugin, hoping that I could have a more direct impact on folks that come to this site looking for a better understanding of the Bible.

God be praised, I just had one such experience!

The visitor (I assume it was a man, so I’ll refer to him with a masculine pronoun from here on out) found my Job 2 Commentary and was wanting more information about what Satan says to God in Job 2:4. There Satan responds to God with an obscure idiom “skin for skin.

This man didn’t understand that phrase and asked for some clarification. He also wanted to know my opinion on the theme of Job 2:4-6. See below for the discussion…

(By the way, I’m Paul” and the visitor is V1521867741132964 below, in case that isn’t clear…)

Conversation started on Saturday, March 24 2018, 00:02

[00:02] Visitor navigated to
[00:02] Customer Support (System Message) : Welcome to our site, if you need help simply reply to this message, we are online and ready to help.
[00:14] V1521867741132964 : i need to understand more in verse 1 to verse 6 of job chapter2 plse
[00:15] Paul : Hi! Thanks for visiting and interacting. Let me get this material in front of me…
[00:16] Paul : OK, so you’re wanting to understand better what’s happening in Job 2:1-6?
[00:17] Paul : Is there anything in particular that’s confusing to you?
[00:18] V1521867741132964 : verse 4 skin for skin whats that refer to
[00:19] Paul : Good question
[00:19] Paul : It’s apparently a Hebrew idiom.
[00:21] Paul : One possibility is that Satan is saying that a person will sacrifice the skin of another to save his own. In other words, Job’s family all died but he’s free to keep on living. God has touched their skin but not his in that way.
[00:22] Paul : And that’s why he follows up and demands that God touch Job’s own skin.
[00:23] Paul : But even the NET acknowledges that this phrase is obscure.
[00:23] Paul : Do you mind me asking what you need to know this for? Are you teaching/preaching on it or is it for personal study?
[00:29] V1521867741132964 : honestly I have time my pastor allow me to preach but I know I’m a weak Christian in Gods word ..I read the bible and the help from the holy spirit makes me moving forward ,,,I’m happy when I open up to see some commentary in Job 2 and you show up thanks God …im sorry for that
[00:30] Paul : Wow, what a great opportunity for you. And so are you planning to preach Job 2 this Sunday?
[00:31] V1521867741132964 : I’m preparing for a call from my pastor,,
[00:32] Paul : And are you two going to be discussing Job 2 in that call? Sorry if I’m missing what you’re saying! 🙂
[00:35] V1521867741132964 : yes I’m studing Job 2 and preach on that if I have a chance next time,,
[00:37] Paul : Great. So maybe your pastor will have an idea about what that idiom means, as well. I’d be interested to know what he thinks.

But basically, we can tell from the context that Satan is challenging God and saying that what he allowed Satan to do to Job previously wasn’t enough to prove that Job worships God “for nothing” or because God deserves to be worshiped for who he is rather than for the material stuff that God gives him.
[00:37] Paul : Does that help at all?
[00:38] Paul : Does your church record your sermons and publish them online? If so, I’d like to hear how it turns out!
[00:41] V1521867741132964 : no we don’t do that but what you are explaining helps me understand more
[00:41] Paul : I thank God for that. Are there any other questions you had that I might be able to address?
[00:43] V1521867741132964 : if you don’t mind what would be your theme to Job 2 verse4 to verse6
[00:45] Paul : Good question. I mean, we see there Satan not being satisfied with the torment that he unleashed on Job in chapter 1. Satan challenges God to do worse to Job. And we see God grant Satan’s additional request. But the request does need to be granted. It appears that Satan had and has no authority outside of what God allows.
[00:45] Paul : So, perhaps a theme could be God’s Sovereignty Over Our Suffering
[00:46] Paul : Or God Will Test Your Faith
[00:46] Paul : Or Satan is Under God’s Control
[00:46] Paul : Or Will You Worship God for Nothing?
[00:47] Paul : Personally, I would deal with Job 2 as a story/narrative and probably deal with a section broader than just three verses of that one chapter. But that’s just me.
[00:48] Paul : Job 1 and 2 really go together as the introduction to the book.
[00:49] Paul : Is any of that beneficial to you?
[00:52] V1521867741132964 : well that amazing from you sir I’m been blessed by your sharing and do hope more sharing like this ,,from me and my family we only say God bless you all in your life,,
[00:53] Paul : Thank you. Feel free to contact me any time at [my email address] or visit the site and see if I’m available on live chat. Have a good evening!
[00:55] V1521867741132964 : Thank you so much I will keep in touch ..God bless
[00:55] Paul : You too! Good night.

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  1. Dorine kikete says:

    Very excellent commentary,God Bless you


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