Zechariah 2 5 Meaning

Zechariah 2 5 Meaning

Zechariah 2 5 Meaning: So, cities and nations often do need protection from enemies by means of a wall. That’s true. And that’s why God declares in verse 5 that he himself will be that wall for his city Jerusalem.

5 [For I/But I/And I myself], [saith/declares] the LORD, will be [unto/around] [her/Jerusalem] a wall of fire [round about/surrounding],
and will be the [source of…] glory [in the midst of her/within].

Zechariah 2 5 Meaning: a wall of fire round about

Now, in old time, the Lord was a pillar of fire that guided Israel from the wilderness to the promised land. But in the end times, the Lord is going to be a wall of fire that protects Israel from her enemies as she remains in the promised land.

Throughout history, walls that have protected cities or nations have been burned with fire. But not this wall – this wall will itself be made of fire.

So, Jerusalem at some point will not be able to be contained within walls because of how many people and animals are there. In addition, they won’t need a physical wall built of stone and such because the Lord himself will protect them.

Zechariah 2 5 Meaning: the glory in the midst of her

But beyond the general abundance and the external protection – the Lord will be the glory of Israel within her.

And we have another interesting cross-reference here to Ezekiel. In Ezekiel 11, that prophet sees the Lord’s glory rise up from the midst of Jerusalem and leave that city.

But as quite a contrast here, Zechariah is being told by this angel that God will return to his city and be the glory of that city. In other words, he’s coming back!

The glory of the Lord is associated elsewhere in the Old Testament with a cloud. And so, if we’re remembering the exodus of Israel out of Egypt and into the promised land – they had the Lord appear in a pillar of fire. That was by night. How did the Lord appear by day? In a pillar of…? Smoke. He appeared in a cloud by day to shade his people.

And here in Zechariah, we have the Lord once more assuming those forms. He will be their glory – again, with God’s glory often being associated with a cloud. And he will be their wall of fire. Fire and cloud – this is how the Lord appeared to Israel in days of old during the exodus and wilderness wanderings. And this is how he will appear once more in the end times – as fire and cloud.


  1. Anna says:

    Could Zechariah 2:5 Adhere to Holy Ghost/Spirit.. Surrounding & Infilling.. (Baptized) to Each
    his Own. I Understand Scripture is Referring to Jerusalem. I Love .. it Spoke to my Spirit! Thank You


  2. P K THOMSON says:

    Thanks for the beautiful explanation. May God bless you and your family 🙏


  3. Juanita says:

    Amen, excellent teaching on the Wall of Fire and the Cloud of Glory! Bringing it to today’s standards and time. God be a wall of Fire around our Nation to protect it from the evil ones trying to destroy her in dark places with dark intentions and dark practices. He will be a cloud of Glory by day to shade or cover his people from the elements! Praise God!


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