Lamentations 1 Summary Verse 2

Lamentations 1 Summary Verse 2

May the Lord bless you with this Lamentations 1 Summary of verse 2.

In the second verse of Lamentations 1 our attention is drawn to the emotional state of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Weeping

KJV Lamentations 1:2 She {weepeth sore/weeps bitterly} {in the/at} night,
{and her tears are on/tears stream down/tears are upon} her cheeks:

So, Jerusalem is weeping. Now, of course, Jerusalem is not a person and thus cannot literally cry or weep. The words here are metaphorical.

Jerusalem is pictured as a person who is crying tears of sorrow.

Why the sorrow?

Well, of course we saw in the first verse of Lamentations 1 that Jerusalem had experienced a total reversal of fortunes – all in the negative direction.

False Gods

And when that happened one of the bitterest realities that this city and its people came to know when the Babylonians came and invaded and destroyed it is that those on whom she relied turned on her – both her false deities and her false friends.

among all her lovers
{she hath/she has/there is} none to comfort her:

The Lord often pictures his relationship with his people as a marriage. So, when God’s covenant people turn from him to something besides him to worship that thing, the Lord identifies that as spiritual adultery.

The people of Israel in the Old Testament – especially the few hundred years immediately preceding the Babylonian invasion – were given to spiritual immorality. They were adulterous – often times physically, but more foundationally they were committing spiritual adultery against their only God, the Lord.

And it turns out that that was a very bad decision. Because these so-called lovers – the objects of Israel’s worship which were not the Lord himself – they cannot comfort in times of sorrow. Only the God who made you can provide you with real comfort when you are in need.

So, Israel’s false gods provided no comfort for her when she was most desperately in need.

False Friends

But also, her human friends were of no help either.

{all/all that were} her friends have {dealt treacherously with/betrayed/dealt deceitfully with} her,
they {are/have} become her enemies.

These friends here are a reference to Israel’s allies that they had placed their trust in – rather than the Lord alone. Numerous times, Israel chose to place its trust in nations and alliances rather than in God. They would prefer to scheme and connive to secure their safety.

But when it came down to it, these friends were of the fair-weather variety. In Jerusalem’s moment of greatest need, human help – apart from the Lord’s arrangement – failed it.


And these things will fail you every time.

Leaving the Lord to serve and worship some other so-called god will leave you empty with no comfort in life.

Relying on friends or family or any other human being will ultimately result only in deceit and betrayal. In the end, you just may end up with these so-called friends being your worst enemies.

Trust the Lord. Worship and serve only him. Rely on him above and apart from any and everything else.

In your times of sorrow, he will be there for you to comfort you. He will never leave nor forsake you.

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