Job 18 Summary

Job 18 Summary

Bildad | Job 18

And so, Bildad is going to chime in once more and make another effort to show to Job that he’s actually a sinner and that’s why he’s suffering in chapter 18.

Job 18 Summary of Verses 1-2

Bildad jabs at Job | Job 18:1-2

First, Bildad takes the obligatory jab at Job and insults his speech in verses 1 and 2…

KJV Job 18:1 Then answered Bildad the Shuhite, and said,

Job 18:2 How long will it be ere ye [i.e., plural …] make an end of words?
[mark/show understanding/you must consider], and [afterwards/then] we [will speak/can talk].

Job 18 Summary of Verses 3-4

Bildad offended | Job 18:3-4

Then Bildad expresses offense at the “mean” things that Job is saying about him and the other two – when Job himself has a lot of issues in his life and seems to want to be the exception to the Retribution principle of how God works in this world – verses 3 and 4…

Job 18:3 [Wherefore/Why] [are/should] we [counted/regarded] as beasts,
 and [reputed/considered] [vile/stupid] in your sight?

Job 18:4 [He/You who] teareth [i.e., to pieces…] [himself/yourself] in [his/your] anger:
shall the earth be [forsaken/abandoned] for [thee/your sake]?
and shall the rock be removed out of his place? {Which is what would happen if Bildad had to abandon the Retribution outlook on life…}

Job 18 Summary of Verses 5-21

The wicked | Job 18:5-21

And essentially for the rest of chapter 18, Bildad is going to reaffirm his belief that God deals with the wicked immediately in this life with unsparing punishment.

Job 18 Summary of Verses 5-6

Darkness | Job 18:5-6

There’s only darkness for wicked people – verses 5 and 6…

Job 18:5 [Yea/Indeed/Yes], the [light/lamp] of the wicked [shall be put out/goes out/is extinguished],
and the [spark/flame] of his fire shall not shine.

Job 18:6 The light shall [be/grow] dark in his [tabernacle/tent],
and his [candle/lamp] shall be put out [with/above] him.

Job 18 Summary of Verses 7-10

Traps | Job 18:7-10

The wicked may seem to walk through this life very confidently – like Job did for so long – but he will be stopped in his tracks with multiple traps set for him that result from his own wicked plans – verses 7-10…

Job 18:7 The [steps/stride] [of his strength/vigorous] shall be [straitened/shortened/restricted],
and his own [counsel/scheme] [shall cast/brings/throws] him down.

Job 18:8 For he [is/has been] [cast/thrown] into a net by his own feet,
and he [walketh/steps/wanders] [upon/on/into] [a snare/the webbing/a mesh].

Job 18:9 [The gin/A snare/A trap] [shall take/seizes] him by the heel,
 and [the robber/a trap/a snare] [shall prevail against/snaps shut on/grips] him.

Job 18:10 [The snare/A noose/A rope] is [laid/hidden] for him [in/on] the ground,
and a trap for him [in/on/lies on] the [way/path].

Job 18 Summary of Verses 11-15

Loss of strength and confidence | Job 18:11-15

The wicked are supposedly always terrified because they’re pursued by destruction in this life and they thereby lose all of their strength and confidence – just like Job! – verses 11-15…

Job 18:11 Terrors [shall make him afraid/frighten him] on [every side/all sides],
and [shall drive him to his feet/harry him at every step/dog his every step].

Job 18:12 [His/For him] [strength/calamity] [shall be/is] [hungerbitten/famished/hungry],
and [destruction/calamity/misfortune] [shall be/is]ready at his side.

Job 18:13 [It/Disease/Calamity] [shall devour/eats away] [the strength/parts] of his skin:
[even the firstborn of/the most terrible] death [shall devour/devours] his [strength/limbs].

Job 18:14 His [confidence/sense of safety or security] [shall be rooted out of/is torn from/is dragged from] his [tabernacle/tent],
and [it shall bring/they march] him to the king of terrors.

Job 18:15 [It/There] [shall dwell/dwells] in his [tabernacle/tent], [because it is none/nothing] of his: [or, fire resides in his tent…]
[brimstone/burning sulfur] [shall be/is] scattered [upon/on/over] his [habitation/residence].

Job 18 Summary of Verses 16-19

Shriveled | Job 18:16-19

The wicked will shrivel up from society, from existence, and from the memory of everyone – verses 16-19…

Job 18:16 His roots [shall be dried up/are dried/dry up] [beneath/below],
and above [shall/is] his branch [be cut off/wither].

Job 18:17 [His remembrance/Memory of him/His memory] [shall perish/perishes] from the earth,
and he [shall have/has] no name [in the street/abroad/in the land].

Job 18:18 He [shall be/is] driven from light into darkness,
and [chased/is banished] [out/from] of the [world/inhabited world].

Job 18:19 He [shall neither have son nor nephew/has no offspring or posterity/has neither children nor descendants] among his people,
[nor any remaining/nor any survivor/no survivor] [in/where/in those places] [his dwellings/he sojourned/he once stayed].

Job 18 Summary of Verses 20-21

Notorious | Job 18:20-21

And the wicked will be notorious for generations to come for their inglorious end – verses 20 and 21…

Job 18:20 [They that come after him/Those in the west/People of the west][shall be astonied/are appalled] at his [day/fate],
[as they that went before/and those in the east/people of the east] [were affrighted/are seized with horror].

Job 18:21 [i.e., Saying…] Surely such [are/is]the [dwellings/residence] of [the wicked/an evil man],
and this is the place of him that knoweth not God.

And of course, Bildad is attempting with all of this talk to prove to Job that he is wicked and this is the only explanation as to why God is punishing him – because Job is sinning and forsaking God!

But as all well know that is simply not the case. Bildad has tried to help – or, really, force – Job to understand God’s ways in his life. But neither he nor Job nor anyone is yet trusting God’s wise dealings in Job’s life.

And so, we’ll hear yet again from Job next time as he defends himself against his friends’ misapplication of general truth in his life.

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