Job 23 Summary

Job 23 Summary

So, in response to what Eliphaz said in Job 22 summary, Job is going to respond with 17 verses in chapter 23 and with 25 verses in chapter 24.

But I’m not sure that you can classify it as much of a “response”.  At least, it’s not as direct of a response as what we’ve seen him do thus far. The only time he seems to directly address his friends is at the very end of chapter 24.

Job is more and more focused on God and on getting a hearing with him.

Job 23 Summary of Verses 1-2

Job briefly laments his situation generally | Job 23:1-2

And so, we see Job open chapter 23 with a very brief lament concerning his situation – verses 1 and 2…

KJV Job 23:1 Then Job answered and said,

Job 23:2 Even to day is my complaint [bitter/rebellion]:
[my stroke/his hand] is [heavier than/heavy despite] my groaning.

Job 23 Summary of Verses 3-7

Job fantasizes pleading his case before God | Job 23:3-7

And because Job feels like God is striking him, he goes on and starts to fantasize about him being able to plead his case before God – verses 3-7…

Job 23:3 Oh that I knew where I might find him!
 that I might come even to his [seat/place of residence]! {What would Job do if he could find God?…}

Job 23:4 I would [order/present/lay out] my [cause/case] before him,
and fill my mouth with arguments.

Job 23:5 I would [know/learn] the words which he would answer me,
and [understand/perceive] what he would say unto me.

Job 23:6 [Will/Would] he [plead against/contend with] me with his great power?
No; [but/surely/only] he would [put strength/pay attention][in/to] me.

Job 23:7 There [the righteous/the upright/an upright person] [might/would/could] [dispute with/reason with/present his case before] him;
[so/and] [should/would] I be delivered for ever from my judge.

Because in the mind of these men, God punishes the wicked and blesses the righteous, and God seems to be punishing the righteous Job. So Job has come to the point where he feels that perhaps God is a little mistaken – and all that God needs is for Job to argue the case to him that Job is righteous.

Job 23 Summary of Verses 8-9

Currently Job can’t find God | Job 23:8-9

But one big problem with that is that Job can’t seem to find God anywhere – verses 8 and 9…

Job 23:8 Behold, I go [forward/to the east], but he is not there;
and [backward/to the west], but I [cannot/do not] perceive him:

Job 23:9 [On the left hand/In the north], [where he doth work/when he acts/when he is at work], but I [cannot behold/do not see] him:
he [hideth/turns] himself [on/to] the [right hand/south], that I cannot see him:

Job 23 Summary of Verses 10-12

God knows that Job is innocent | Job 23:10-12

And yet, though Job doesn’t know where God is, Job is convinced that God knows that Job is innocent – verses 10-12…

Job 23:10 But he knoweth the [way/pathway] that I take:
[when/if]he [hath tried/tested] me, I [shall/would] come forth as gold.

Job 23:11 My foot hath [held/held fast to/followed closely] his [steps/path],
his way have I kept, and not [declined/turned aside].

Job 23:12 Neither have I [gone back/departed] from the commandment of his lips;
I have [esteemed/treasured] the words of his mouth more than my [necessary food/allotted portion].

So, this is in contrast to Eliphaz’s accusations against Job back in chapter 22 to the effect that Job doesn’t love God’s word. Job says that he loves it more than the food that’s necessary for him to physically survive.

Job 23 Summary of Verses 13-14

God is unchangeable and unstoppable | Job 23:13-14

And yet, though Job loves God’s word, and he’s not acting wickedly, yet God seems to be unchangeable and unstoppable in his determination to wrongfully punish Job – verses 13 and 14…

Job 23:13 But he is [in one mind/unique/unchangeable], and who can [turn/change] him?
and what his soul desireth, even that he doeth.

Job 23:14 For he [performeth/fulfills] [the thing that is appointed/his decree] [for/against] me:
and many such [things/decrees] are [with him/his plans].

And I’ve heard that last verse used as a comfort for people. The general truth that God is sovereign in our lives is comforting, but it wasn’t comforting to Job, considering his circumstances.

Job 23 Summary of Verses 15-17

God’s ways in Job’s life are fearful and dark | Job 23:15-17

And that’s because God’s ways in Job’s life are fearful and dark – verses 15-17…

Job 23:15 [Therefore/That is why] [am/would be] I [troubled/dismayed/terrified] [at/in] his presence:
when I consider, I am [afraid/terrified] [of/because of] him.

Job 23:16 [For/It is/Indeed] God maketh my heart [soft/faint],
and the Almighty [troubleth/who has dismayed/has terrified] me:

Job 23:17 [Because/But/Yet] I [was not cut off/am not silenced/have not been silent] [before/by/because of] the darkness,
[neither/(blank)]hath [he/(the darkness)] covered [the darkness/deep gloom/thick darkness] [from/(blank)] my face.

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