Job 27 Summary

Job 27 Summary

Let’s turn to Job chapter 27.

We’re picking up in this book right after we saw last time the last speech given by one of Job’s so-called friends. Bildad spoke for just 6 short verses last time and now Job has had enough of his friends’ speeches.

And so, Job has entered into a very long monologue that extends from chapter 26 through to the end of chapter 31. We’re going to endeavor to understand chapters 27-30 this morning.

Probably the first two chapters today – chapters 27 and 28 – are Job’s response to his friends. But then in chapters 29 and 30, Job seems to not have his friends in mind at all as he gives more of a soliloquy where he wouldn’t care if no other human could hear him. He just wants God to hear.

All the while we’ll see Job struggle to try to understand God’s ways in his life. And since he’s not able to do that, he ought to just come to the place where he trusts God’s wisdom. But he’s not going to get to that point yet.

Job Continues | Job 27

So, Job picks up from last time in chapter 27 where – for 23 – verses he asserts his own innocence of any supposed wickedness that his friends have accused him of. And then he goes on to state what he really thinks happens to the wicked in this life.

Job 27 Summary Verses 1-6

I will not lie about my righteousness | Job 27:1-6

Job begins in verses 1 through 6 declaring that he will not lie about his own righteousness and personal integrity…

KJV Job 27:1 [Moreover/Then/And] Job [continued/took up] his [parable/discourse (again)], and said,

Job 27:2 As God liveth, who hath [taken away/denied] [my judgment/my right/me justice];
and the Almighty, who hath [vexed my soul/embittered my soul/made my life bitter];

Job 27:3 [All the while/For as long as/For while] my [breath/life/spirit] is [still…] in me,
and the [spirit/breath] [of/from] God is in my nostrils;

Job 27:4 {for as long as that’s the case…} My lips shall not speak wickedness,
nor my tongue [utter/mutter/whisper] deceit.

Job 27:5 [God forbid/Far be it from me] that I should [justify you/declare you to be in the right]: [I will never do it!…]
till I die I will not [remove/put away/set aside] mine integrity from me.

Job 27:6 My righteousness I [hold fast/maintain],
and will not let it go:

my heart [shall/does/will] not reproach me
so long as I live.

In other words, Job’s friends have been completely wrong in labeling Job as an unrighteous man in order to explain why bad things are happening in his life. That’s not the correct interpretation of God’s ways in Job’s life.

Job 27 Summary Verses 7-10

Job utters a curse against the friends | Job 27:7-10

And Job feels so strongly about this that he’s now going to utter a curse against these wicked friends of his – verses 7-10…

Job 27:7 Let mine enemy be as the wicked,
and [he that riseth up against me/my opponent/my adversary] as the unrighteous.

Job 27:8 For what is the hope of the [hypocrite/godless], [though/when] he [hath gained/is cut off],
when God taketh away his [soul/life]?

Job 27:9 Will God [hear/listen to] his cry
when [trouble/distress] [cometh upon/overtakes] him?

Job 27:10 Will he [delight himself/take delight/find delight] in the Almighty?
will he [always/at all times] call [upon/out to] God?

So, you know that your attempts to comfort someone else have completely failed when you’ve said all you have to say to comfort that person – and he turns around and utters a curse against you!

Job 27 Summary Verses 11-12

Job generally agrees with the friends about the wicked | Job 27:11-12

But actually, Job is going to finally admit that he does agree with the friends – generally speaking – about the typical fate of the wicked – verses 11 and 12…

Job 27:11 I will teach you [by/about] the [hand/power] of God:
 that which is [with/on the mind of] the Almighty will I not conceal.

Job 27:12 Behold, all [ye yourselves/of you/of this you have] have seen it;
[why then/why in the world] [are ye thus altogether vain/do you act foolishly/do you continue this meaningless talk]?

Job 27 Summary Verses 13-23

The ultimate fate of the wicked | Job 27:13-23

So, what do these friends already know that Job also knows – and yet, which Job also needs to teach to – and not conceal from – them? It’s the ultimate and typical fate of the wicked in this world. Job states it in verse 13 and then elaborates on this point for the rest of this chapter…

Job 27:13 This is the portion of a wicked man [with/from/allotted by] God,
and the [heritage/inheritance] of [oppressors/tyrants/evildoers], which they shall receive of the Almighty.

And it breaks down like this – the families of the wicked suffer, the hoarded wealth of the wicked departs from him, the wicked man is temporary and his departure is sudden, he can’t escape from God, and all of this causes men to react against him.

Job 27 Summary Verses 14-15

His family suffers | Job 27:14-15

First, Job says, typically the families of the wicked suffer – verses 14 and 15…

Job 27:14 [If/Though] his children [be multiplied/are many/increase], [it is/they are destined]for the sword:
and his offspring [shall not be satisfied with bread/never have enough to eat].

Job 27:15 Those that [remain of/survive] him shall be buried [in death/because of the plague]:
and [his/their] widows shall not [will not/are not able to…] weep [for them…].

Job 27 Summary Verses 16-17

His hoarded wealth departs from him | Job 27:16-17

The wicked hoard wealth in this life, but it typically and ultimately is given to others – verses 16 and 17…

Job 27:16 [Though/If] he [heap/piles] up silver as the dust,
and prepare [raiment/garments] as [the/mounds of] clay;

Job 27:17 He may prepare it,

but [the just/a righteous man] shall [put it on/wear it],
and the innocent shall [divide the/inherit his] silver.

Job 27 Summary Verses 18-19

The wicked is temporary | Job 27:18-19

The wicked man is temporary in this life – verses 18 and 19…

Job 27:18 He buildeth his house as a moth[‘s cocoon…],
and as a [booth/hut] that the [keeper/watchman] maketh.

Job 27:19 The rich man shall lie down, [he goes to bed rich…]
but he shall not be gathered: [and will never do so again…]

he openeth his eyes,
and [he/it] is [not/all gone].

So, his house and his wealth can disappear overnight.

Job 27 Summary Verses 20-21

His departure is sudden | Job 27:20-21

And just like his wealth departs suddenly, so does the wicked man himself – typically – verses 20 and 21… 

Job 27:20 Terrors [take hold on/overtake/overwhelm] him as [waters/a flood],
a [tempest/whirlwind] stealeth him away in the night.

Job 27:21 The east wind carrieth him away, and he [departeth/is gone]:
and as a storm [hurleth/it whirls/it sweeps] him out of his place.

So, the departure of the wicked from this world can be sudden, unexpected, and violent.

Job 27 Summary Verse 22

He can’t escape from God | Job 27:22

The wicked meet with all of this disaster because ultimately they can’t escape from God – verse 22…

Job 27:22 For [God shall cast upon/it will hurl at(against)] him, [and not spare/without pity]:
he would [fain/try to] flee [out of/from] [his hand/its power].

Job 27 Summary Verse 23

Man’s reaction | Job 27:23

So, that’s been all God’s doing in the life of a wicked man. And here’s the reaction from fellow humans – verse 23 to end the chapter…

Job 27:23 [Men/It]shall clap their hands at him [in derision…],
and shall hiss him out of his place.

So, Job has – in this chapter – given his opinion about what tends to happen to wicked people in this life. But that’s why he started off the chapter by defending his own personal integrity. Job acknowledges that God does tend to deal with the wicked in this life. But that’ what’s so confusing to Job – because he knows himself to be a righteous man!  And he’s having a hard time trying to reconcile these two realities of … 1) a righteous man … 2) supposedly being punished by God. Really, it’s an impossible feat for Job.


  1. Beth Holder Holder says:

    Is your commentary on Job incomplete? I”m looking for chapters after 30. Chapters 1-30 have been really helpful.


  2. diane Lillian koonkoon says:

    Wow this helped a lot! Thank you!


  3. diane Lillian koonkoon says:

    Wow this helped a lot!


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