Psalm 54 4 Meaning

Psalm 54 4 Meaning

So, you and I – as we experience betrayal and slander – we need to desperately seek the Lord to deliver and protect and vindicate us. And we need to state clearly to the Lord why the people who are doing this to us are so troublesome in our hearts.

But don’t leave it there. We can get so focused on the wrongs that others have committed against us that we forget that there’s a God in heaven to whom we’re praying. And that’s why it’s very important to remind yourself of God’s care for you, like David does in verse 4.

4 {Behold/Look/Surely}, God is {mine helper/my deliverer/my help}:
the Lord is {with them that uphold/the sustainer of/among those who support} {my soul/me}.

So, the message that comes out loud and clear in this verse is that we need to remember that we are not alone in this battle – in this struggle – in this life.

We’re not alone as we face betrayal and slander. God is with us. He’s your helper – your deliverer.

And God is enough – that’s for sure. But very interestingly, the Lord has David speak of God as someone who is “with” or “among” another group that David takes comfort in knowing they exist. That group is “them that uphold my soul” or “those who support me.”

David takes comfort in the fact that even in this world, he’s not alone. There are others who support and uphold him.

And that’s important for us to remember as well. As we’re slandered or betrayed, we’re never alone. It might feel like we are. But it would do us well to remember that even among mankind, we’re not alone. And certainly, the Lord never leaves or forsake us.

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    1 Peter 5:9


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