Psalm 54 6 Commentary

Psalm 54 6 Commentary

Well, if you’re resolved that God will hear and answer you by dealing out justice to your Ziphites, then the next step is not a far reach for you.

If you really believe that God is going to help you and answer your prayer for deliverance and vindication, then the next logical step is what David expresses in verse 6. And that’s to anticipatingly resolve to praise the Lord for his help.

6 I will {freely sacrifice/willingly sacrifice/sacrifice with a freewill offering} unto thee:
I will {praise/give thanks to} thy name, O LORD; for it is good.

Now, David isn’t going to sacrifice anything while he’s being chased by Saul and away from the presence of the Tabernacle. But he is convinced that God is going to answer his prayer in such a way as to allow for him to return to a place of normalcy and ability to worship the Lord like he used to.

And this is what we ought to do in these trials of ours. We need to look forward to God actually answering the prayers that we’re offering up to him. And we need to resolve in our hearts that it won’t be back to business-as-usual after the Lord helps us.

Has this ever happened to you – that you’ve prayed desperately for the Lord to be gracious to you – and then he answers! And what’s your response?

Remember the account of the 10 lepers – and Jesus healed them all. But how many came back to thank him? Just one. You and I need to be that one who turns back to the Lord and genuinely thanks and praises him for his help.

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